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Core Services

​ Our services can be divided into four Core Service Offerings.  These services overlap and span various technlogies from enterprise commercial database and reporting vendors to cloud-computing and open source products. 


Read below to understand these service offerings in more detail


You may also be interested in reading our Projects page to see some of the projects we have recently worked on.





Core Services

Data Warehouse/ETL



For companies that have one or more operational systems including, Accounting/ERP systems, subscription billing systems, and any number of proprietary custom-developed applications, Datawings Solutions specializes in delivering a standardized enterprise data warehouse and integreting these systems for a consolidated view of your business. 


We have many years of experience in delivering data warehouse and etl solutions on the industry leading database platforms: Oracle, SQL Server, Postgresql, and Amazon Redshift.  We also have many years of experience in developing complex, high volume etl solutions using Informatica PowerCenter, Pentaho Data Integration, and SQL Server Integration Services.

Data Architecture



Each company is unique and complex.  As a result each company has complex data needs.  Datawings Solutions specializes in understanding your business and data challenges and modeling your data for optimal storage, governance, management, and delivery to ultimately turn your business data into information.


Datawings Solutions has years of experience in data modeling and data architecture and database design of operational systems and applications.  We can assess your current data architecture health and propose a solution that can grow with your business.

Business Intelligence



Going hand-in-hand with the Data Warehouse/ETL services explained above, Business Intelligence involves the data delivery, visualization, reporting, and analysis of your business data.   Ironically this aspect of delivering data to a business is often overlooked.    Delivering business intelligence solutions is much more then choosing the right business intelligence tool and sending the business users to training.  It involves understanding a company's operational, tactical, strategic, ad-hoc, and analytics business intelligence needs and building the right combination of structured data, structured semantic layer, out-of the box reports and dashboards while at the same time empowering business intelligence users to efficiently perform self-service BI.


Datawings Solutions has vast experience in this area across many industries and within many departments (finance, operations, sales, customer service, IT, etc.). 


We have developed successful BI solutions on IBM Cognos, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, Pentaho, Excel, Amazon Redshift, and several platforms.

Cloud Data Warehouse Solutions



Cloud Saas Technologies in the Data Warehouse space have reached full maturity.   There are several Saas providers for data warehousing including AWS Redshift, Azure SQL DW, and Snowflake.   DataWings has experience in developing and deploying solutions on all of these platforms.  

If you are just getting started, have an on-premise solution, or an existing cloud solution, DataWings can assist in all aspects of your project including cost assessments, solution architecture, data integration, and business intelligence tools integration.

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