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Enterprise Data Warehouse


DataWings Solutions was chosen as the consulting firm for a freight services company.  This company has an ERP system where they managed their sales orders and inventory, a proprietary shipment monitoring system, and a propietary tracking system.  It was very difficult for accounting, operations, and client services to get consolidated reporting for their key business processes across all three systems. 


DataWings Solutions met with key business users, and engineering and designed a solution using their existing engineering technology investments in PostgreSQL and the Microsoft BI Suite for backoffice reporting.   The solutions consisted of a PostgreSQL data warehouse that standardizes their business processes in a dimensional model across all of their systems.  A SQL Server Analysis Service cube was built for Excel-based ad-hoc reporting, and a set of dozens of SQL Server Reporting Service reports were developed to serve all daily operational reporting needs. 


This solutions was delivered end-to-end in under 6 months.  As a result the business was able to expand their business lines, implement daily billing, and daily reporting for clients. Most importantly staff has been able to focus more on strategy and analytics rather than spending endless hours in data gathering.


Recent Projects

Datawings Solutions has successfully delivered many recent implementations for its customers.  This includes everything from complete Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence design and development to ETL Performance consulting, to Big Data Assessments.


We invite you to read below overviews of some of our more recent projects.  We'd be happy to give you the complete list of the many projects and solutions that DataWings Solutions has delivered.



DataWings Solutions

Recent Projects

Cost Analytics


A company in Austin, Texas incurs a major percentage of their cost from cellular provider services.  They have been receiving detailed billing and usage data from their many providers for several years in the form of very large semi-structured text files.  They had no easy way of analyzing this cost data to understand the details behind these costs include monthly, weekly, and daily costs, and costs per client.


This company turned to DataWings Solutions to organize and process this data.  DataWings Solutions worked with engineering and finance to understand how this provider data needs to be organized for the proper analytics.  Within 3 weeks, a dimensional model was developed, and OLAP cube was built and the data was loaded.  Now the company can see detailed data by business line, and customer.  As a result they have been able to eliminated over $50k in immediate cost savings due to inefficiencies and waste discovered by organizing this data.

ETL Redesign and Big Data Assessment


A large logistics company has an extremely high-volume, high growth, and highly complex set of distributed systems and an enterprise data warehouse and low-latency data warehouse to serve as the consolidated repositories for this data.  Their data warehouse grows at a rate of tens of millions of records per day and these data warehouses have grown to become extremely critical to the daily operations of the business.


Given the critical importance of the Data Warehouse and underlying ETL processes that feed data into and out of these databases, their engineering department prioritized the rearchitecture of their ETL systems to improve performance and alleviate the burden on these critical systems.   They decided to consult with DataWings Solutions. 


The first objective before a complete rearchitecture was to do a complete ETL performance assessment.  As a result Datawings Solutions redeveloped over 50 key processes for performance improvements, which was critical getting through the peak season.


Now DataWings solutions is working with the Hadoop framework to rearchitecture key components of the Data Warehouse and ETL processes.

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