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Datawings Solutions has a growing list of diverse customer across many industries including Logistics, Healthcare, Saas companies, and others.  Below is a sample of some of the customers that DataWings Solutions has built productive relationships with.



Indoor SkyDiving

iFly is an exciting and tremendously fun indoor skydiviing facility.  They have over 50 facilities worldwide.  DataWings Solutions was chosen as the Data Warehouse architect provider to build their enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence infrastructure.    DataWings successfully built an end-to-end system in less than 6 months which services their finance and operations, and management teams in providing worldwide operational reporting.

Healthcare Compensation and Data Intelligence Provider

CompConfidence offers the medical field an automated compensation system specifically designed for doctors and other billable providers.  DataWings Solutions contracted to do the solution architecture and lead development of the cloud based Saas solution built on Azure.  

Outbound Engine

Outbound Engine provides of Marketing Automation applications and services across a broad range of industries.

DataWings Solutions was the lead architect for the Data Warehouse which provides a team of analysts and data scientists the data they need for ongoing churn analysis, product performance, and other initiatives.  The Data Warehouse was built on Amazon Redshift.


Arrowsight provides Remote Video Auditing (RVA) services and technologies for various industries include manufacturing and healthcare.

DataWings Solutions provided the technical leadership for their Healthcare data warehouse and reporting initiative.  The system built on DataWings Solutions architectural expertise, allows a team of analysts and clients to view in near-real-time their hospital operational efficiency metrics and KPIs.  


Sensitech offers state-of-the-art technologies and services in Supply Chain Security and Monitoring.

DataWings Solutions was contracted to provide a complete Data Warehouse and reporting solution for their SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence solution.  This solution consisted of a PostgreSQL data warehouse, ETL solution, and reporting solution.  DataWings Solutions continues to provide ongoing business intelligence services and training to their team of engineers and analysts. 


Newgistics is a leading provider in fulfillment and shipping and returns logistics services.

DataWings Solutions led an effort for real-time reporting and analysis of their shipping network.  The solution involved a data warehouse and etl solution on SQL Server and Informatica and a business intelligence reporting solution using a combination of reporting tools including R/Shiny, SQL Reporting Services, and Power BI.  

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