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BI Success!

​Datawings Solutions


Proven Data Architecture, Data Warehouse, and Business Intelligence solutions.



Datawings Solutions was founded in 2014 by Clayton DuVall.  Clayton has over 20 years of experience in delivering enterprise database solutions for various industries including credit card data processing, marketing automation, logistics, information technology, Saas companies, financial systems, and many more.  While consulting part-time for a colleague a few years ago he was brought on a project to deliver a reporting system.  The company had an existing contracting firm doing the development and were over $200k into the project with no delivery date in sight.  Clayton learned quickly that in the business intelligence space, by fully understanding the business requirements, fully assessing the data sources, and architecting the system properly, a solution can be delivered in a fraction of the cost and time that traditional software contract firms can offer.   Shortly after he founded Datawings Solutions to do just that.


Datawings Solutions' mission is to provide cost-effective business intelligence solutions to small, medium, and large businesses.  We meet the customer where they are in terms of budget and existing investments in technology and talent and architect a solution that integrates seemlessly into this environment.   Datawings Solutions is not a staffing firm disguised as a consulting company.  We are in the business of delivering a solution that can be handed off and maintained in house.  We are in the business of delivering business intelligence solutions that deliver more value and cost savings than companies think possible.


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